Using the right tool for the job has never been more important. We are proud to partner with tool designers like Everwin, MAX USA Corp., and more.  New Supplies Company carefully selects pneumatic tool partners that build high-quality and durable tools.  All our tool partners consistently provide innovative tools that address the needs of all our customers while maintaining competitive pricing.

We proudly service every tool that we sell, and all our partners provide reliable parts and technical support so we can keep our customers building.

  • We provide world class pneumatic tool service for customers that purchase fasteners from NSC. Our mechanics are factory trained and have years of experience. We stock thousands of parts for many tool brands and models. Our mechanics provide a thorough repair of every tool they touch including cleaning, inspection and testing.
  • Few fastening applications are harder on pneumatic tools than wooden pallets and crates, fence panels, and other industrial applications.  These types of manufacturing processes demand high speed tools that withstand harsh environments and we carefully recommend the right tool for each job.  We understand that if your pneumatic tools are not working, they are costing you money.
  • Finish and woodworking tools require industrial strength and a delicate touch. New Supplies Company recommends tools that provide the durability tradesmen demand and the soft touch most jobs require.  Finish nails, brad nails, micro-pins, fine wire staples, and more.  We have the right tool for the job.
  • We also specialize in construction tools for automated machines such as sheathing bridges, component nailers, and others. If you are looking for a way to automate or update your current process, please contact us.